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A Practical Introduction to SRAM Memories Using an FPGA (I)

Let's learn everything about SRAM memories writing a controller in Verilog.

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A Practical Introduction to SRAM Memories Using an FPGA (I)

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Cmod A7
Digilent Cmod A7

Software apps and online services

Vivado Design Suite
Xilinx Vivado Design Suite


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Very simple and basic sram controller

This is a very very simple and basic SRAM controller. It has been tested in Cmod A7 board and works well.
module basic_sram_controller(

  input wire clk,                        //  Clock signal

  input wire rw,                         //  With this signal, we select reading or writing operation
  input wire [18:0] addr,                //  Address bus
  input wire [7:0] data_f2s,             //  Data to be writteb in the SRAM
  output reg [7:0] data_s2f_r,           //  It is the 8-bit registered data retrieved from the SRAM (the -s2f suffix stands for SRAM to FPGA)
  output wire [18:0] ad,                 //  Address bus
  output wire we_n,                      //  Write enable (active-low)
  output wire oe_n,                      //  Output enable (active-low)

  inout wire [7:0] dio_a,                //  Data bus
  output wire ce_a_n                     //  Chip enable (active-low). Disables or enables the chip.

  assign ce_a_n = 1'b0;
  assign oe_n = 1'b0;
  assign we_n = rw;
  assign ad = addr;
  assign dio_a = (rw == 1'b1)? 8'hZZ : data_f2s;
  always @(posedge clk) begin
    if (rw == 1'b1)
      data_s2f_r <= dio_a;


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