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Enxor Logic Analyzer for FPGAs

Logic analyzers can be costly, Enxor seeks to provide an open-source design to turn a FPGA into a tool for reading in/external signals.

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Enxor Logic Analyzer for FPGAs

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Basys 3
Digilent Basys 3
This board was used in testing but any board should work.

Software apps and online services

Python TKinter


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System Block Diagram

Components that make up the design and how they interconnect.

Circular Trigger Buffer

Visual explanation of how the buffer fills.

Thu GUI With Captured Waveform

Python GUI to show captured data and gather timing information.

Simulation of Data Acquisition

Testing modules for data acquisition, reading and transmision.

Oscilloscope Screen Grab

SPI protocol to test against Enxor's GUI for timing results.

Test Setup On Basys3 Atrix-7 FPGA

ambient light sensor using SPI protocol.


GitHub Enxor Logic Analyzer

Git version control and documentation


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