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Ethernet Packet Inspection

Local area network traffic analyzer with parallel string matching.

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Ethernet Packet Inspection

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Avnet ZedBoard
or Zybo Z7
Digilent Zybo
or ZedBoard
Flash Memory Card, SD Card
Flash Memory Card, SD Card

Software apps and online services

Vivado Design Suite
AMD-Xilinx Vivado Design Suite


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Main Design

Main design uses a custom IP block: inspection_unit. It uses AXI communications to transfer data between PS and PL.


Ethernet Packet Inspection

This repository contains: - Vivado project: all the data you need to program the FPGA - Linux char driver: has netfilter capabilities and controls the hardware design - Linux user-space application: communicates with the driver and creates logs and send them to a host computer


Marius-Cristian Andrei

Marius-Cristian Andrei

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