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Using the Pmod OLEDrgb with Arduino Uno

Application notes for Pmod OLEDrgb and Arduino Uno. In this app, we will setup a message to display in different sizes and colors.

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Using the Pmod OLEDrgb with Arduino Uno

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Pmod OLEDrgb
Digilent Pmod OLEDrgb
Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO
Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO

Software apps and online services

Arduino IDE
Arduino IDE


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Pmod OLEDrgb and Arduino Uno Fritzing file

Fritzing file displaying the connection of the Pmod OLEDrgb to the Arduino Uno.

Pmod OLEDrgb and Arduino Uno Fritzing Image

Fritzing image displaying the connection between the Pmod OLEDrgb and Arduino Uno.
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Pmod OLEDrgb and Arduino Uno Code

Using this code will display a message on the Pmod OLEDrgb in different sizes and colors.
* Test of the Pmod 
* Description: Pmod_OLEDRGB
* The message "Test module Pmod Digilent Lextronic" will be display on OLEDrgb module
* with different size and colors
* Material
* 1. Arduino Uno
* 2. Pmod OLEDrgb (Download libraries

// Affectation of pins
#define sck 13
#define mosi 11
#define cs 10
#define res 9
#define dc 8

// Définition of colors
#defineNOIR 0x0000
#define BLEU 0x001F
#define ROUGE 0xF800
#define VERT 0x07E0
#define CYAN 0x07FF
#define MAGENTA 0xF81F
#define JAUNE 0xFFE0
#define BLANC 0xFFFF

// Call libraries
#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>
#include <Adafruit_SSD1331.h>
#include <SPI.h>

Adafruit_SSD1331 afficheur = Adafruit_SSD1331(cs, dc, mosi, sck, res); //création of object

void setup(void)
 afficheur.begin(); // initialization of display objcet

void loop()
 afficheur.fillScreen(NOIR); // background screen in black
 afficheur.setTextColor(CYAN); // color of text in cyan
 afficheur.setCursor(0,0); // cursor is in x=0 and y=15
 afficheur.print("Test module Pmod"); // display text
 delay(500); // wait 500 ms
 afficheur.setCursor(0,15); // cursor is in x=0 and y=15
 afficheur.setTextSize(2); // size of text
 afficheur.setTextColor(ROUGE); // text in red color
 afficheur.println("DIGILENT"); // display text
 afficheur.setCursor(20,40); // cursor is in x=20 and y=40
 afficheur.setTextSize(1); // size of text
 afficheur.setTextColor(VERT); // text in green color
 afficheur.println("LEXTRONIC"); // display text
 afficheur.drawFastHLine(1, 60, afficheur.width()-1, BLEU); // blue line x=1 to screen width-1 and y=60
 delay(2000); // wait 2 s
 afficheur.fillScreen(NOIR); // background display in black (erase display)
 afficheur.fillRoundRect(5, 5, 30, 40, 5, BLEU); // French flag bleu blanc rouge
 afficheur.fillRoundRect(35, 5, 30, 40, 5, BLANC);
 afficheur.fillRoundRect(65, 5, 30, 40, 5, ROUGE);
 afficheur.fillCircle(90, 55, 5, JAUNE); // yellow circle with radius=5 in=90 and y=55
 delay(2000); // wait 2 s


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